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How-To: Configuring Squid Caching Server (CentOS 7)

I had an interest in setting up a Squid caching server to see if I could save any bandwidth in my home environment. I found that the information online was lacking in this area so I decided to do a quick write up on the matter. This post is not to configure an intercepting proxy…

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ASUS Laptop: Recovery is unavailable.

Since I do a lot of work for different clients for their personal computers I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of strange issues. This one was particularly easy after a little bit of Googling. I was about to attempt things the hard way before I found a solution. ISSUE: The computer (Asus x53e…

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Home: Home NAS with DD-WRT

I have setup a home media server in my living room. I can play all media content I have through XBMC. I have an older computer I installed Lubuntu on. I install XBMC on top of that and it runs quite well for what it is. My issue was since it is an old machine…

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