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Home: Home NAS with DD-WRT

I have setup a home media server in my living room. I can play all media content I have through XBMC. I have an older computer I installed Lubuntu on. I install XBMC on top of that and it runs quite well for what it is. My issue was since it is an old machine…

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PowerShell: Move Computers in Active Directory based on CSV file

Since I work in education we have to deal with new students coming in every year. At the high school level, in particular, we have to deal with internet permission slips. Since every student has an Active Directory user account we have to move the students from the ‘blocked’ OU to the ‘unblocked OU. With…

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Powershell: Add Active Directory computers to a group in bulk.

I had a need to add a lot of computers that were spread throughout my Active Directory structure to a computer group. I didn’t want to manually go though AD and right click computers to add them to this group. So I came up with a very simple script to do just that. You can…

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