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ASUS Laptop: Recovery is unavailable.

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Since I do a lot of work for different clients for their personal computers I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of strange issues. This one was particularly easy after a little bit of Googling. I was about to attempt things the hard way before I found a solution.


The computer (Asus x53e laptop) would not recognize the recovery partition. I could view it with explorer and with diskmgmt.msc.  When I used F9 during startup I did not have any recovery options outside of the standard Windows recovery. So I could not recover the computer with the factory image/software which was imperative. The AI recovery tool, which is ASUS proprietary tool, did not recognize the partition to build recovery DVDs either.


ASUS makes a handy tool to remedy just that. It’s called ChangeHD and it’s about 90kB. It’s part of the AI recovery toolset. Run this program as Administrator and it will unmount, hide, and set the primary partition. After this is finished running you can build your recovery DVDs using the AI recovery tool, or you can reboot the computer pressing F9 to access the factory recovery options. The program is found

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Recovery\ChangeHD.exe


The recovery says it’s going to take about 10 minutes, but in my experience that is a gross understatement. It will likely take atleast 30-45 minutes including software, drivers, etc. I like that ASUS has provided tools with the factory image to remedy such issues. This rarely happens. I also like the fact that ASUS uses standard split .WIM files that can easily be applied using a custom WinPE disc. It does still use custom batch scripts to apply drivers, software, etc.

To be fair I did not find this fix and you can find the original forum here:


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